Residents provide a critical perspective to the ACGME’s work and their invaluable contributions have helped to shape policies and create new initiatives. Every Review Committee has at least one resident member and two residents sit on the ACGME Board of Directors. These resident physicians offer essential input as they also serve on councils, committees, and task forces throughout the organization.

  • The ACGME for Residents and Fellows
    Through accreditation, innovations, and initiatives, the ACGME strives to ensure that residents and fellows train in educational environments that support patient safety, resident and fellow education, and physician well-being.
  • The ACGME Resident Council
    The ACGME’s Resident Council, the Council of Review Committee Residents (CRCR), is composed of 34 members, including the current resident representatives of the ACGME Board, Review Committees, and Osteopathic Principles Committee, and a public member appointed by the ACGME Board of Directors.
  • ACGME Awards
    Through its Awards Program, the ACGME recognizes notable institutions, designated institutional officials (DIOs), program directors, residents and fellows, and institutional and program coordinators for their outstanding work and contributions to graduate medical education. The David C. Leach Award, specifically, recognizes residents and fellows who have fostered innovation and improvement in their residency program, advanced humanism in medicine, and increased efficiency and emphasis on educational outcomes.
  • Resident JGME
    On this page, you will find a collection of carefully selected open access articles relevant to resident physician life—topics range from providing exemplary patient care and resident education to clinical and educational work hours and work-life balance.

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Back to Bedside is an ACGME resident-led initiative supporting transformative projects that enhance meaning in medicine by engaging on a deeper level with patients.

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David C. Leach Award

The David C Leach Award is presented each year to residents who foster innovation and improvement in their residency programs, advance humanism in medicine, and increase efficiency and emphasis on educational outcomes.

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