The ACGME invites comments from the community of interest regarding the proposed new specialties/ subspecialties listed below.

As part of the ongoing effort to encourage the participation of the graduate medical education community and the public in the process of reviewing proposed new specialties/subspecialties for accreditation, the ACGME may publish some or all of the comments it receives on the ACGME website, and may also share your comments with the organization from which the proposal was received. Submission of comments indicates agreement for publication on the ACGME website, as well as consent to share your comments with the organization submitting the proposal. By submitting your comments, the ACGME will consider your consent granted. If you or your organization does not consent, please indicate such in your comments directly, or in the space provided on the Review and Comment Form (below).

Comments must be submitted electronically, using the form below, to the respective specialty mailbox noted and by the date indicated. Any responses that do not address the requested information, or which are submitted in a format other than indicated, may not be considered.

Review and Approval Process

New Specialty/Subspecialty Proposal Application

For details and policies regarding the ACGME process for review and approval of new specialties and subspecialties, see Section 12.00 of the ACGME Manual of Policies and Procedures.

Contact for questions and proposal submission:

Jessalynn Watanabe

Submit the proposal and any supporting documentation by email to Jessalynn Watanabe.

Upon receipt of a proposal for designation of a new subspecialty or sub-subspecialty, the content will be reviewed by the Office of the CEO to assess whether all of the needed information has been provided. Once the proposal is ready to be considered for accreditation, it will be posted on the ACGME website for a 45-day period of public comment. The proposal, along with the comments, will then be reviewed for action by the ACGME Board of Directors..

If the subspecialty is multidisciplinary, the ACGME Board will designate the Review Committees that will review programs in the subspecialty based on the projected numbers of programs by specialty and in accordance with Section 14.10. For participating specialties not expected to reach the threshold of five programs within five years, programs must apply for accreditation to one of the designated Review Committees. If at any time in the future, there are five or more programs from a participating specialty that is not a designated Review Committee, that specialty Review Committee may be newly designated to review programs in that subspecialty.