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In support of its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the ACGME launched ACGME Equity Matters™, an initiative that supplies a framework for continuous learning and process improvement in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and antiracism practices. The initiative aims to drive change within graduate medical education (GME) by increasing physician workforce diversity, and building safe and inclusive learning environments, while promoting health equity by addressing racial disparities in health care and overall population health.

The self-directed ACGME Equity Matters content is now available in Learn at ACGME. These educational resources provide diverse perspectives while raising historical and current injustices in the medical education system in an organized and intentional way. The materials are designed for organizations with leadership support, as well as resources and infrastructure commitments to equity for making meaningful change. (Note: A free account is required to access content in Learn at ACGME.)

The modules are available in two tracks: continuing medical education (CME) learning path; and video library. In the learning path, content is self-paced within a structured design for CME credit. Video library content can be accessed in any order; using guidance from a trained facilitator when viewing modules with large audiences is recommended to avoid perpetuating harm and ensure a safe learning environment. Click on an image below to access the appropriate track. Also available is the Equity Practice Toolkit, designed to empower stakeholders with the tools necessary to achieve or enhance cultures of equity. These actionable tools support programs, institutions, and organizations on "how" to achieve equity meaningfully and sustainably. Click the image below to access the toolkit.

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These resources will be further leveraged by the national stakeholder groups – “Learning Communities” – to create change by bringing together people in similar roles within medical education to create policies and programs that promote advancement in diversity, equity, and inclusion and anti-racism practices. These Learning Communities will operate in three phases: identification of challenges; implementation within their own institutions; and shared learning across GME. The Learning Communities began convening in July 2021 and will continue to work on innovative pilot projects to enhance DEI in GME. Plans for new Learning Communities are ongoing.