Program Directors and Coordinators


Program directors and coordinators have tremendous responsibility for developing, overseeing, and improving residency or fellowship programs, implementing changes based on the current accreditation requirements, and preparing for accreditation site visits and review by the ACGME Review Committees.

This section is designed to provide easy access to the variety of information that is relevant to program directors and institutional and program coordinators found throughout this site.

Direct questions to the applicable Review or Recognition Committee staff members.

A Beginner’s Guide to the ACGME


ACGME accreditation provides assurance that a Sponsoring Institution or program meets the quality standards (Institutional and Program Requirements) of the specialty or subspecialty practice(s) for which it prepares its graduates.


Recognition is additional acknowledgment for identified elements or categories of an accredited Sponsoring Institution or program. Recognition is conferred through a voluntary process of evaluation and review based on published recognition standards.


The ACGME leads and participates in a variety of activities that further its mission to improve health care, population health, and the health and well-being of those in the graduate medical education (GME) community.

Additional Resources

The ACGME provides a robust collection of resources to help program directors and institutional and program coordinators do their jobs, and gain context and depth of knowledge about GME.

Basics of Accreditation for New Coordinators Workshop


Learn about the ACGME Common Program Requirements, Accreditation Data System (ADS), assessment and Milestones, and site visits. Meet Review Committee teams, other ACGME staff members, and network with fellow program coordinators in these one-day, interactive, specialty-specific workshops.

Learn more here.

Parker J. Palmer Courage to Lead Award

The Courage to Lead Award is presented each year to designated institutional officials (DIOs) who demonstrate strong leadership and astute resource management and encourage innovation and improvement in residency programs and their Sponsoring Institutions.

GME Program Coordinator Excellence Award

The GME Program Coordinator Excellence Award is presented each year to program coordinators in recognition of their in-depth understanding of the accreditation process, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and projects to improve residency programs.