New Blog Series

ACGME Global Services (GS), having embarked on a project to gauge opinions from thought leaders in the global postgraduate medical education (PGME) space, is proud to launch its blog series to discuss many of these topics. The goal of this blog is to shed light upon the progress made in global health care and PGME, and how the activities of GS seeks to support that effort.

Many of the topics to be discussed will be familiar with readers; however, there will be a distinct global perspective in these entries, to demonstrate the need and the success of effoarts to strengthen PGME across the world. Some of the entries will discuss regional and cultural impact on designing PGME and accreditation, as well as highlight challenges that are not seen in the domestic space.


Importantly, we will introduce some of the success stories that you may have not heard about, both from GS clients and others in the global PGME space. At the end of the day, our goal is to promote PGME as a vital necessity in the improvement of health care across the globe.

Media Contact Information
Susan White

Susan White

Vice President, Communications