Building Effective Programs Together

The ACGME announces a course for experienced coordinators and program directors that emphasizes team building and collaboration in furthering the goals of competency-based medical education in graduate medical education (GME) programs.

Attendance is limited to 60. Attendees will work together in dyads: program coordinator and either program director or associate program director from the same institution. Program directors or associate program directors and their program coordinator partner must both be in attendance.

Course Overview

This course is designed—through experiential learning techniques, small-group sessions, and lectures—to assist program directors (or associate program directors) and experienced coordinators (more than three years' experience) in developing self-awareness, understanding their individual styles, and enhancing open communication to utilize the dynamics of their personal strengths and weaknesses to build a strong and effective team.

Mirroring the ACGME’s highly successful assessment course for faculty members, this course builds on the understanding of team dynamics to optimize resident feedback, assessment, and evaluation in the program. The combined strengths and weaknesses each individual brings to the team can blend these characteristics to optimize the program’s effectiveness.

Target Audience

Program Directors and Experienced Program Coordinators

Comments from Previous Attendees

Extremely helpful in my understanding of various aspects of program director-coordinator relationship. Working in dyad with my coordinator helped improve our understanding and first time we were vocal about what can we do to improve our work efficiency together!
I believe the way that I work with my program director will change. I have a better understanding of how to work with him as a result of this course. I also feel more confident on some of the areas we discussed such as CCC, resident remediation, etc.
It was a good opportunity to spend time with my program director. We get so many interruptions during the course of the day that it is difficult sometimes to really focus on issues and plan for future activities.

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